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Keep your friends close.

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Custom Digital Loyalty Cards for Apple & Android Wallets

3X the likelihood of a customer returning for less than $7 a day!

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More than just another loyalty program,

we are simple for everyone

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Why Choose Sticky Cards?

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Automatic Messages

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Geo-Targeted Notifications

Ping nearby cardholders when they are 100m from any registered location(s)

Revive Lost Connections

Send a special offer when someone hasn't recently returned to your store

Customer Reviews

Check-in after a visit to collect feedback

Scheduled Alerts

Share reminders of an upcoming special

And much, much more!

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Never Forgotten

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Everyone is busy, but they will never forget your card! Conveniently located in Apple & Android wallets.

(Where everyone expects you to be)

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Easy to Share

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Grow without expensive advertising

Offer stamps, points, or even a reward when your card is successfully added to another wallet.

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Custom Designs

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Your brand is beautiful,

your Sticky Card will be too.

We have something for everyone.

Let us create the perfect loyalty program for your business.

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Simple as 1-2-Scan

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Free to Setup

No expensive tech needed.

Validate cards with our free barcode scanner.

Or update automatically after a sale in your online shop.

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All plans include:

  • UNLMITED Cardholders
  • UNLMITED PUSH Notifications
  • Built-in Referral Program
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • 100% Design & Setup





1 Sticky Card

1 Registered Location*

3 Manager Accounts

*Additional Locations $99





UNLMITED Sticky Cards

10 Registered Locations

10 Manager Accounts


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How do I get started?

After signing up, our team will meet with you via video conference to design the perfect loyalty program, and card for your business.

Everything is done in less than 48 hours.

Can I add to my package?

Absolutely! Send us an email:

We can add a new location, manager account, or maybe you need help growing your business. Let us know and we will make it happen!

Are there any fees after installation?

We have no hidden fees.

Not only will you have access to all our features, but you will also receive any new and exciting ones we introduce (at no extra cost!)

Why should I switch from paper cards?

It's time to join the digital age! Our loyalty cards are convenient – which means more participation from your customers, and more participation means more sales for you! Plus data tracking, abuse prevention, and the satisfaction of reducing paper waste. Talk about a win-win-win-win.


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