Reward your customers with the only NO APP cannabis loyalty program.

Finally, a simple loyalty program for Cannabis Dispensaries. Give your customers stamps, points, and rewards for shopping.

  •   Unlimited Messaging
  •   No Apps to Download
  •   Instant Sign-up

See larger orders and repeat visits from your customers!

Scan QR to Start

Add to any phone with a QR scan, friend's referral, or from your website🎈

Show & Go

Scan their barcode. No need to ask for a phone number anymore 🫶

Repeat Visits

Bring your loyal customers back with automatic push notifications ❤️

UNLIMITED Push Notifications
that don't get blocked 💕

Loyalty marketing for cannabis dispensaries doesn't need to sound like riddles!

Communicate without any restrictions. Say words like: “weed”, “kush”, “vape”, and never see your messages blocked or your number banned.

📍 Geo-targeted Alerts — Ping nearby customers within 330 feet of your dispensary

😍 Customer Reviews — Add reviews to Google Maps, Weedmaps, Leafly and more

🎂 Birthday Celebrations — Surprise your customers with a birthday reward

And much, much more!

Your customers don't need another app 🙅‍♂️

Cannabis marketing shouldn't be complicated. Get customers started with a simple sign-up through QR Code, SMS, Email, Instagram, Facebook and more!

  • Under 10 seconds to add to any phone
  • Custom design with stamps & points display
  • Enjoy shopping & redeeming prizes

We're experts in launching dispensary loyalty programs.

Weekly Calls with Loyalty Specialist

Meet with your onboarding specialist every week and stay on track with your loyalty launch. Our specialists have launched dozens of cannabis dispensary loyalty programs!

30-Day Success Plan

Follow a proven 30-Day Action plan to succesfully launch your dispensary's loyalty program.

Branded In-Store Material

Get custom in-store designs made just for you with help from expert graphic designers.

Sample Cannabis Dispensary Loyalty Card: Explore on your phone!

Make your brand part of their phone! Customers scan a simple QR code, and your dispensary's loyalty card instantly becomes a part of their digital wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Sticky Cards for my dispensary’s loyalty?

Our focus is on the customer experience. A happy customer means they'll keep coming back. Plus, you can send as many messages as you want, easily work with your POS system, and there are no contracts to sign!

Is getting started long or difficult?

Nope! We connect Sticky Cards with your POS system, design your card, and make any marketing posters in less than 24 hours.

Can Sticky Cards reduce my advertising costs?

Absolutely! Not only do we have a fixed monthly cost, your customers are automatically coming back now to earn points and rewards. Also, now customers also receive offers directly to their phones. Everything is simple and cost-effective.

I already have a loyalty program, will my cutomers lose their points?

No worries! We can connect with your program, providing a digital card for your customers to quickly point-check and receive notifications. We've assisted many dispensaries in moving away from outdated SMS loyalty programs.