Powerful Features to Boost Store Traffic

Unlimited Push Notifications

Billed Cap on Apple iOS 16.4  No Cap: Send unlimited messages directly to your customer’s smartphones.

💰 Save Money: Don't pay per SMS or for expensive ads. Keep loyal customers engaged and informed!

🚀 Reach Out Easily: With a quick message, customers can know about your latest deals, specials, or forgotten umbrellas!

POS Integration / Free Scanner App

💸 Cost-Saving: You won't need to buy anything new. Your card will work with the tools you already own.

📲  Easy-to-Use: Our free app scanner app works on any device. All you need is a camera. No complicated stuff!

🎁 Rewarding: Customers earn and use rewards with ease. It’s a fun way to keep them coming back!

Built-in Referral Program

👥 Share and Earn: Customers can share your card and earn awesome rewards!

🎁 Customized Benefits: Make the rewards extra special. You can customize them to suit your customers’ tastes!

🚀 Grow Faster: With every card shared, your business gets more exposure. That means more customers and more growth!

Geo-Targeted Messaging

📍  Target Right: Send messages to customers who are just around the corner, within 100m of your store!

📲 Instant Alerts: Let customers know about cool deals and offers as soon as they are nearby.

🚀 Drive Traffic: More people will pop into your store when they get your timely messages. It’s a smart way to get more visitors!

Custom Card Design

🎨 Your Style: Design cards that match your brand. You can use your brand’s colors and logo!

🎁 Choices Galore: Stamps, points, or discount cards? You choose!

👌 Stand Out: With your unique card, customers will remember your brand easily. It’s a fun way to stay in their minds!

Open API

💡 Build Automations: Make things work automatically and save your time. It’s super easy!

🛠️ Easy Integration: Sticky Cards can work with over 5000+ apps and POS systems you already use!

🚀 Curated Content: With Sticky Cards working with your favorite tools, you can do so much more. Give it a try!