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Enhance in-store efficiency and customer satisfaction with COVA's robust POS system, perfectly integrated with Sticky Cards for seamless loyalty rewards management at every transaction.


Improve your cannabis retail operations with Greenline, featuring robust sales tools that integrate effortlessly with Sticky Cards loyalty solutions. This collaboration enhances customer transactions and rewards.


Expand the capabilities of your online store with Dutchie, integrating seamlessly with Sticky Cards to provide personalized loyalty rewards that keep customers returning. This combination enhances online shopping experiences.


Integrate GrowFlow's detailed sales tracking with Sticky Cards' loyalty management for an efficient approach to operations and customer engagement. This partnership simplifies the management of sales and loyalty data.

Proteus 420

Combine the extensive CRM capabilities of Proteus 420 with Sticky Cards to manage customer loyalty and sales data effectively. This integration simplifies your business processes, boosting both efficiency and customer engagement.


Enhance transaction processing with POSaBit's efficient POS features, integrated with Sticky Cards to offer a seamless loyalty point experience. This partnership focuses on customer convenience and satisfaction.


Utilize the advanced features of Tech POS together with Sticky Cards to deliver a comprehensive customer engagement and loyalty experience. This integration ensures operations are smooth and engaging.


Enhance your Shopify e-commerce capabilities with Sticky Cards' customized loyalty solutions, improving the online customer journey with tailored rewards and incentives. This integration helps convert visits into lasting relationships.


Use Treez to gather powerful sales insights and integrate them with Sticky Cards for a loyalty program that improves customer retention and satisfaction. This strategic partnership focuses on a data-driven approach to customer loyalty.

MJ Freeway

Monitor detailed customer preferences and behaviors with MJ Freeway, and integrate this information with Sticky Cards for precise, targeted loyalty rewards. This partnership ensures your offerings meet customer needs effectively.

Alpine IQ

Match Alpine IQ's advanced analytics with Sticky Cards' loyalty management to develop targeted marketing strategies that improve customer engagement and retention. This integration leverages data for smarter marketing.


Boost your email marketing by integrating Klaviyo with Sticky Cards, using direct loyalty data to send personalized communications that resonate with your audience. This integration ensures your marketing messages are impactful.

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Accessible through any camera device (phone, tablet, or computer), our Free Scanner App replaces a POS system integration and allows for quick customer redemption.

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