How to Build a Successful Cannabis Loyalty Program


In the competitive world of Cannabis Dispensaries, staying ahead means using new ideas. Sticky Cards, a digital loyalty program, gives you a special advantage. Let's see why it's important and how to make a good loyalty program for your dispensary.

Building a Successful Loyalty Program

Crafting a successful loyalty program for cannabis enthusiasts requires careful planning.

Here's a simple guide that's sure to help!

  1. Know Your Customers: Understand what your customers want. This understanding forms the basis of your program.
  2. Set Clear Goals: Define your goals clearly. Whether it's boosting sales, getting customers to return, or making them happier, having a clear target is vital.
  3. Offer Great Rewards: Choose rewards that customers really want. Think about things like special products, discounts, or unique experiences.
  4. Keep It Simple: A successful program is easy to understand and join. Sticky Cards, for example, uses a simple QR code system for sign-up.
  5. Stay in Touch: Communication is key. Keep customers informed about rewards and upcoming offers with push notifications.
  6. Listen to Customers: Regularly ask for customer feedback to improve your program.
  7. Promote It: Make sure customers know about your program through marketing, both in-store and online.
  8. Follow the Rules: In the cannabis industry, always make sure your program follows the law.
  9. Track and Change: Keep an eye on how your program is doing and be ready to make changes to keep it working well.

Why Choose Digital Loyalty Programs?

No Keyword Restrictions: Unlike SMS, push notifications in digital programs like Sticky Cards don’t face restrictions on cannabis-related keywords. This freedom allows for more direct and effective communication.

Cost-Effectiveness: Push notifications are generally cheaper than SMS, as they avoid per-message costs.

Engagement and Reach: Digital solutions typically see higher engagement rates. They're less intrusive and can be rich in content, including images and links.

Personalization: Digital programs allow for more targeted, personalized messages based on customer behavior and preferences.

The Sticky Cards Difference

Sticky Cards boosts customer loyalty and lets you run creative seasonal promotions. The push notification tool is great for sending timely, themed messages that get customers excited in a fun and relevant way.


In the changing world of Cannabis Dispensaries, a digital loyalty program like Sticky Cards has a big edge. It matches what customers like, saves money on communication, and gives a place for creative interaction. By using these steps to make a good loyalty program, dispensaries can build better customer relationships and grow.

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